E-Z Step Stencils

Our revolutionary laser welded E-Z Step stencils are used to facilitate an increased or decreased amount of solder paste volume and to deposit a specific brick height on selected PCB areas where you have mixed component technology, large ground pads, intrusive reflow or areas with co-planarity issues. This is a completely new step technology only utilized by FCTA Mexico.

E-Z Step Stencils
E-Z Step Stencils
E-Z Step Stencils
E-Z Step Stencils


Step areas
Step ramp
Positional accuracy
Material thickness
Board side distortion
Environmentally friendly

20 – 150 microns with support for complex shapes
Controlled step ramp in 50 micron increments
< 10 microns on the step areas
+/- 2% (primary steel and step steel)
Flat with no impact
No hazardous chemicals or pollutants used in process
Provides increased control over your print process
Vary thickness in any area of your stencil to generate the exact paste volume, and height for every component
Same day quick turn service available

E-Z Step Video