SN100C Bar Solder

SN100C Bar Solder

FCT Assembly has partnered with Nihon Superior to be able to offer their patented lead free nickel stabilized tin/copper wave solder alloy – SN100C worldwide. SN100C was developed to offer a technically superior and more economical option to the tin-silver-copper alloys also being considered. SN100C is also significantly less costly than other tin alloys including SAC305.

SN100C Bar Solder

Suitable for Micro-Soldering

The finely dispersed microstructure of SN100C makes it possible to roll very thin foil without defects.

The melting behavior of SN100C (Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni+Ge) provides excellent characteristics during reflow. Low intermetallic growth provide high reliability and flexibility.

Trusted Worldwide

SN100C is being used in thousands of wave soldering machines around the world and has proved its reliability in products exposed to the most severe service environments.

The product has been patented in 23 countries and regions including the United States and Japan. Manufacturers trust SN100C to deliver high quality consistently.

Superior Reflow Characteristics

SN100C Solder Paste along with a linear profile enables reflow with temperatures similar to SAC305 with a 245 °C peak temperature.

SN100C features a reduction of hot slump, fast melting speed, excellent wetting force, and reduction in reflow time by about 10%.

SN100C Properties:

  • Smooth, shiny solder joints
  • Low reactivity to equipment
  • Eutectic temperature
  • Allows for easy pot management
  • Low cost
  • Low dross formation
SN100C Bar Solder
SN100C Bar Solder