Leaded Solder Paste

Flux Type
No Clean
Water Soluble
No Clean
NC676 is a no clean, leaded solder paste that possesses a creamy, smooth texture. It is both halogen and halide free. This product is classified ROL0 and is a rosin-based chemistry. Residues are clear and maintain a virtually indefinite pin probability life. With its extensive tack time and long shelf life, NC676 is one of the most dependable and consistent leaded solder pastes on the market.

  • HALOGEN FREE CHEMISTRY with IPC specification of ROL0 offering a highly reliable solder joint
  • Low viscosity/Low slump solder paste offering improved transfer efficiency
  • Wide reflow window with good solderability on various PCB surface finishes
  • Unlimited pin probability and clear post-process residues
  • Cosmetically superior to most pastes offering shiny solder joints with a crystal clear, crack resistant residue
  • Designed for Sn/Pb alloys and Type 3, 4, and 5 solder powders.
WS159 is a water soluble, leaded solder paste that is classified ORH0. WS159 was formulated to meet the requirements for reliable solder joints in PCB Assemblies along with a large operating window. Thus, WS159 was designed to provide humidity tolerance and excellent wetting. WS159 remains stable in a wide range of temperatures (65-85F) and relative humidities (25-65%RH). While maintaining a stable viscosity and exceptional cosmetics, WS159 exhibits low voiding characteristics. The residue for this product is easily visible and removable with warm water.

  • Excellent print volume and repeatability with low area ratios (AR) as low as 0.50 when used with the NanoSlic stencil technology
  • Environmentally stable formulation which is resistant to slump
  • Wide reflow window with excellent wetting characteristics on all surface finishes
  • Very stable product for a water soluble paste that allows storage of this paste up to 6 months at room temperature and one year if refrigerated
  • Compatible in either nitrogen or air reflow
  • Formulated for leaded alloys and Type 3, 4, and 5 solder powders
RMA250 is a high activity, no clean solder paste that is classified ROL1. This high activity, along with its rosin-based chemistry, allows for improved cosmetics and excellent wetting on all surface finishes. Residues left behind are clear and pin probable but can be removed using the appropriate cleaning chemistry. RMA250 has a wide reflow window with exceptional soldering activity on all surface finishes.

  • Low viscosity with low slump characteristics allow for fast printing and improved transfer efficiency
  • Residues can be removed easily with the appropriate cleaning chemistry
  • Wide reflow window with excellent solderability on various PCB surface finishes
  • Pin probable with clear post-process residues
  • Excellent cosmetics

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