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Laser Cut Solder Stencils

Our wide variety of in-house, laser cut solder stencils work in conjunction with your solder to offer the highest quality print with minimal defects. We know the demanding nature of SMT Stencils so we have numerous manufacturing locations around the United States in order to deliver fast, high quality stencils for the PCB Assembly industry.

Laser cut solder stencils deliver improved aperture definition and superior dimensional tolerances for finer pitch apertures, down to 0.4mm (0.016″). Laser cutting is an extremely accurate and repeatable process. On a 600mm x 600mm area, it is possible to cut features with an aperture of +/- 9 micron and a positional tolerance of +/- 12.5 micron.

Our stencils have become the standard for quality. We have set new industry standards when it comes to technology and ultra high precision. The beam on our lasers allow the cutting of circular pads with a diameter of 30 to 800 µm that can be produced with a roundness of almost 100%. In addition, the cutting of any sharp contoured pad geometries with maximum precision is possible. We have a stencil laser system for every situation.