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Micro-Milled Step Stencils

FCTA Mexico Micro-Milled step stencils are created by first analyzing paste volume requirements and then identifying areas of the stencil where thickness changes will produce optimal printing. We then accurately micro-mill these areas using precision tooling to achieve the correct thickness. FCTA Mexico Micro-Milled Step Stencils provides smoother transitions between thicknesses while also offering better surface quality compared to some older technologies used to create multi-level stencils.

As advanced stencil designs are needed for passive or even active components; these steps have to be extremely accurate in depth and this is achieved with a precisely controlled depth routing system. Micro-Milled step down stencils can be created quickly and accurately with this process and offer the ability to control step depths in half mil increments. These new technologies give customers the ability to tightly control their SMT print process and improve overall yields for their customers.