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Rework Stencils

FCTA Mexico manufactures rework stencils for printing precise deposits of solder paste when components need to be reworked or replaced.  This allows the production engineer to rework and reprint problem areas without compromising the entire board. Rework stencils are available for all types of components and are laser cut to match the production stencil.  Our stainless-steel rework stencils are designed and manufactured to offer superior stability which reduces shifting and paste smearing.




These frameless solder paste stencils are specially designed for manual printing. For times when you need precise control for smaller production runs, the Foil or Plate Only stencils are ideal. These custom stencils allow you to handprint with precision just the amount you need and can be stored conveniently.



These stencils work well when the components are relatively large and there is sufficient clearance around the pads. The paste is squeegeed across the stencil, and then the assembly is “flipped” forward to release the stencil from the board.  The part is then placed and reflowed at the board level.

Component Print


Paste can be applied to the component leads using this custom stencil and holding fixture.  The part fits in a recessed area on the bottom of the stencil, is then secured in place and paste is applied on the top side of the stencil.  The part is removed, placed onto the SMT pads and reflowed at the board level.

BGA Reballing


FCTA Mexico custom BGA re-balling stencils can be used to replace balls back onto the component and then reflow the component so that the balls are now replaced.  At this point the component can be reattached to the PCB saving valuable components.