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Solder Paste2

Solution Driven Solder Paste

FCT’s solder paste line can be defined by many categories:  no clean, water soluble, RMA, pin probable versus non pin probable and halogen free versus halide based activation.

But we have broken our product line out by Leaded versus Lead Free.  For leaded we sell 63/37, 62/36/2, Hi Temp leaded alloys.  Lead free alloys include SAC305, SN100C, SAC387, SAC307 as well as other HMP alloys.  These typically come in Type 3 , Type 4 and Type 5 particle sizes.

For our paste products we think that it is important to offer fresh pastes and so paste orders ship within 4 working days. Lastly our strength isn’t just in water soluble or no clean technology but in both.  Attributes include:

  1. Thin viscosity with low slump characteristics
  2. Halogen free product line with good activity and stability
  3. Low graping products for both water soluble and no clean
  4. Antitombstoning alloys that offer a melting range for both leaded and lead free alloys

For more detailed information regarding our solder products, please download the Solder Paste Presentation.

If you would like to order a sample please contact us.