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This is a second study on how solderable surface finish affects solder paste performance in the surface mount process (SMT).  The first study was presented at SMTA International 2018 and included print, reflow and voiding data on 6 different surface finishes run with 4 different solder pastes. This work explores some of the surface finish & solder paste combinations in more detail with an expanded set of SMT parameters. All of the test results, including data from the first study, are summarized, compared and contrasted.  Discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each combination of surface finish and solder paste are given with respect to the various SMT parameters.  Recommendations are made for optimal combinations of surface finish and solder paste.  Speaker: FCT Field Application Engineer, Tony Lentz

About Tony Lentz

Tony Lentz has worked in the electronics industry since 1994. He worked as a process engineer at a circuit board manufacturer for 5 years. Over the last 14 years, Tony has worked for FCT as a chemical laboratory manager and facility manager. Tony has extensive experience doing research and development, quality control, and technical service with products used to manufacture and assemble printed circuit boards. Tony has been involved with APEX for many years. He holds B.S. and M.B.S. degrees in Chemistry.