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WIL-1 Flux

WIL-1 is a VOC FREE low activity & solids, no-clean, wave soldering flux. It is designed to make the transition from tin-lead to lead-free wave soldering as efficient and profitable as possible. WIL-1 provides best in class productivity combining extremely high electrical reliability with excellent solderability, ultra-low residue and no white residues.

WIL-1 Pail

No Copper Greening

No copper greening after exposure to 40 degrees Celsius and 93% RH% for 264 hour (11 day) cycle. Passes IPC J-STD-004 Rev B copper corrosion test.

Superior Electrical Reliability

Passes all international reliability standards (including JIS, IPC, and Bellcore) for Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) and Electromigration (EM). 

Best-in-Class Top-Side Hole-Fill

Consistently outperforms the leading competitive product in top-side hole-fill with OSP and metallic pad finishes.  

Key Product Features:

  • NC VOC Free wave Flux PB-Free & Tin-lead
  • Pin testable
  • Wide Process Window
  • Halide Free
  • For Selective & Wave solder Process
  • Excellent Micro-Solderball Resistance
Low Activity Flux

Low Activity Flux

High Activity Flux

High Activity Flux

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